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There are toilets and a nice hot shower at the end of the corridor.

See panorama photo inside one of the new Russian sleepers.

A Belarus diesel takes over at the Polish border station of Terespol and hurries the train into Brest station (above right), the Belarus border point.

The actual border is the bridge over the River Bug, between the two stations. UK agencies can easily book sleepers to Russia using the computer reservation system which covers trains starting in Germany.

Peak = various dates around Easter, summer, Christmas, New Year.

Ordered online through 598 zlotys (122 or 140) in a 4-bed sleeper 835 zlotys (170 or 195) in a 2-bed sleeper 1048 zlotys (214 or 245) a single-bed sleeper All fares one-way per person per berth.

Booked in the UK by phone with German Railways: 109 off-peak or120 peak in a 4-bed sleeper. 195 off-peak or 214 peak in a single-berth sleeper.

It takes the direct route shown in dark blue on the route map above.

You might still want to consider option 2, the Paris-Moscow Express, as it's a classic experience even if it costs a bit more, or option 3 via the new Berlin-Moscow Strizh, also a very classy experience.

More photos & information about the Berlin-Warszawa Express.

The bistro-restaurant car is staffed by Polish train catering company Wars.

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