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Conceptually, servers on the internet, or in “the cloud“, are viewed as being “up there” somewhere.

While “up there” is so exceptionally vague as to be meaningless, it does at least imply a difference in altitude: the device in front of you sits, conceptually, lower than remote servers or services on the internet.

I think it’s extremely unlikely that your Skype calls are recorded … I’ll dive into a number of reasons I believe that to be the case.

However, there’s another, potentially more dangerous, scenario that a lot of people overlook.

Many have passed over my threshold, and none have left unchanged or untouched by feelings of sublime awe.

Erotic hypnosis MP3 is not a name of convenience, it signals a warning to the curious.

You will succumb and submit to my will: my voice cannot be ignored and I will have my way with you in my dominion.

It’s not confirmed, but we have to assume that it is possible.

The fact is, wholesale recording of Skype audio or video calls is simply unfeasible.

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