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Jerry Van Dyke, comedian and brother of Dick Van Dyke, has reportedly died. According to The New York Times, Van Dyke’s wife Shirley said the comedian died Friday afternoon at their Arkansas Ranch.The couple was involved in a car accident two years ago and she said his health has deteriorated since.

He further explains that his mother's Pentecostal beliefs precluded him from playing sports, and that not wanting to work in oil fields or sell drugs, he chose that line of work because of limited options.Although he was constantly shuttled between parents, relatives and various friends' houses, he worked hard to maintain relationships with his family, though his brother Quay visits in Episode 8.He worries as to whether he will develop bipolar disorder, from which his mother suffers.Naomi characterizes Mike's intellectualism by remarking that she needs a thesaurus to understand him.Mike sees his biological mother, Tammy, who is in poor health following treatment for breast cancer, for the first time in two years when she visits in Episode 12.

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